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Absolut Financial Resources, Inc. (“AFR”) was established in Miami, Florida in 1989 and specializes in financing income producing commercial real estate. Our team consists of seasoned professionals, each equipped with theknowledge and experience to “get the job done”. AFR’s strong relationships with capital markets, life insurance companies, banks, hedge funds, investment funds and equity providers have contributed to our success. An accomplished commercial mortgage firm and correspondent, our knowledge of capital markets, vast lending resources, and sharp underwriting continues to keep us at the top of this industry.

Our clientele consists of a variety of commercial consumers seeking a firm with innovation, knowledge and assurance that their financing requirements will be addressed professionally. AFR provides our clients products and services that enable them to achieve their investment goals. Our track record has proven itself over and over as we continue to serve repeat clients and referrals. In this rapidly changing industry, AFR maintains relationships which have proved to be critical in executing a successful transaction. Each principal seeking financing or equity will obtain strategies and alternatives from one of AFR’s seasoned professionals.
We will design a specific financing structure based on each project’s optimal exit strategy, thereby securing the maximum possible return for our client. Our knowledge and resources allow us to:

Assess the transaction and analyze the loan based on information provided.

Assist in selecting the most appropriate terms for the project and assist in negotiating favorable terms.

Host and coordinate the financing process each step of the way, from the beginning phase through the legal process and closing.

Our programs are designed to allow true expense factors, accurate debt yield, as well as debt service ratios. We offer non-recourse, fully amortized loans with 5, 10 and 15 years terms. Depending on the program, loan to value ranges from 70% to 90%. AFR not only focuses on existing income producing properties, long term fixed rate financing, but also works with construction loans, bridge loans, floating rate loans and mezzanine financing at competitive rates. In structuring a loan, AFR’s creativity has delivered earn out provisions, mezzanine debt, cross collateralization and equity participation.

Our goal is to close every viable deal for our clients and our firm, while maintaining and establishing a strong and professional relationship, with our associates and clients. AFR is committed to representing our client’s and investor’s best interest by providing accurate valuations and creative strategies to structure commercial finance opportunities. We will endeavor to find every feasible and creative way to close each transaction and advise our client of any shortcoming in their project together with possible methods to overcome them.

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