Structured Finance Overview

With many years of experience and millions of dollars in closed transactions, AFR has unrivaled experience in the Structured Finance funding stack. Whether for acquisitions or recapitalizations, the proper debt structuring can create and maximize profits for any transaction, and hybrid structures are often critical in creating or liquidating the equity pent up in an asset.

AFR Structured Finance products include:

  • B-notes
  • Mezzanine loans/preferred equity
  • Stand-by commitments
  • Forward take-outs
  • Participating mortgages
  • Convertible mortgages
  • Wrap mortgages

In the current market, accessing the right capital and capital partner is critical to maximizing the performance of an asset. With a large variety of capital funds, multiple sources accessible via our proprietary capital-tracking database, AFR is uniquely positioned to help you achieve your capitalization goals.